Fact or Fantasy


We started with Derrick Masters (Dave) at his garage in Brooklyn. He has recently "acquired" a mustang and is working on it with his assistant. Vinnie. He gets a call from Club Elavate's owner, Stella. She has a broken sink and needs him to fix it. She will pay his regular rate. He deals with Vinnie (who wants the money he is owed) and hops into his truck to head over to the club. Once there, he chats with Stella, notices that her Brooklyn accent isn't great, as if she isn't really from there, and also hears from her that she heard from her police informant that police are planning on cracking down in the neighborhood. Derrick heads back to fix the sink. When he comes out, he hears Stella talking on the phone to someone in a strange language. He leaves and goes back to his garage. 

Juliana Miller (Sarah) is working at her veterinary practice close to closing time when a distraught woman comes in and asks for help with her pet Kertoffel. She has decided to trust Juliana with this because she has heard that she asks few questions and may even be Elven. Juliana does indeed know that the Kertoffel is a cat-like creature from the Elven world that her mother was from. She fixes up the poor Kertoffel and chats with the woman for a bit. The woman mentions that Club Elavate is a nice gathering spot for people like them. The woman leaves with the promise to pick the Cookie (the Kertoffel) up the next day. Juliana decides to head over near the club to check it out. She takes the subway and hangs out in a park near the club for a bit. Well there, she notices a man and woman walking across the park. (William & Ashley)

William O'Reilly (George) is at work at the police station when his boss tells him that his undercover assignment is on for this evening. Him and his partner, Sipowicz are to head over to a garage in the area that is suspected of being a chop shop. He is about ready to leave when Sipowicz rushes over and tells him that he has to leave right away as his wife has just gone into labor. William's captain tells him that he now will be paired up with rookie detective Ashley Johnson. William is less than excited about this as Ashley has a reputation for being very obvious in undercover jobs. But he has to do his job so he and Ashley head over to Derrick's garage. 

Derrick had heard from Stella that the cops were possibly doing raids in the area so as soon as he got back to the garage he hid all illegal parts in the tunnel that runs beneath his garage. Derrick and Ashley show up and start chatting with Derrick. They ask for certain parts, but Derrick doesn't have them (or says he doesn't have them). William knows he is lying but can't prove it without blowing his cover. Ashley is very unhelpful. They leave and go back to the station. 

Derrick gets another call from Stella asking him to come over and check things out. There was a fight going on and some furniture had gotten broken. Her regular bouncer was also gone because his wife had went into labor. She would pay him handsomely if he would come fix the few things and bounce for the rest of the night. He agrees and heads over. 

William has been to Club Elavate before. He goes fairly regularly to keep his finger on the pulse of the city. He heads over and sits at a corner table soaking up the things he hears. Stella comes over and starts talking to him. Derrick arrives and, after breaking up a fight and throwing a few men out, is introduced to William who he remembers from earlier. Stella doesn't tell Derrick that William is a cop. Derrick goes to fix another broken sink in the bathroom and comes back to hear Stella and William discussing something about ears. Juliana decided to finally come in after things have quieted down and heads to an unobtrusive table. She notices Stella and William (she remembers him from earlier) and decides to listen to their conversation as best she can. Derrick and Juliana both hear Stella and William discussing a doctor that they are hoping to convince to join them. She's human but is open to the possibility that Elves are real and could really help with safe ear tipping procedures. She is supposed to come tonight to talk. 

Amelia Clarke (Tiff NPC) comes in and chats with Stella and William. William was asked by Stella to check out if she seemed legit and isn't some kind of spy. He is pretty sure by the end of their conversation that she is on the up-and-up. 

Unexpectedly, men in black suits burst in and order everyone on the floor. They start arresting people and taking them out. Derrick, Juliana, Stella, and Amelia are put into a paddy wagon and driven away. William is put into a separate car after letting them know that he is a police officer. They are all driven to a jail-like facility with high walls around it. They don't know where they are. Derrick, Juliana, Stella, and Amelia are taken to a cell. William is taken to an interrogation room. 

While in the cell, Derrick and Amelia discover that Elves really are real. Derrick picks the locks on the handcuffs and they devise an escape plan. 

William is being interrogated by a man in a black suit. He antagonizes the man who decides to leave him to sit alone for a few hours as punishment. After a few hours have passed, another man comes into the room. He explains little, but tells William that he can help him escape. William is suspicious of this. The man says to wait two minutes, then leave the room, head left and then take the first right. The first door on the right will be a storage room (needing a code to enter=4162) with all of the personal effects taken off the prisoners would be stored. Then if he continues down that hall, he will pass the cells and come to a door labeled "pantry". That room has a secret door in the floor that leads to an underground tunnel. The man gives William a set of keys and leaves. 

Back in the cell, Derrick, Juliana, Stella, & Amelia ready themselves for one someone comes in. Two black-suited men some in and Derrick hits them and knocks them both out. They both have key cards. Derrick and company take the key cards and their suits. They lock them up with the handcuffs and get ready to leave the cell. 

William decides to peak out the door of the room to see if the man is telling him the truth about being able to escape. He looks out and sees no one so leaves the room and heads to the storage room. He takes as much as he can carry and heads to the cell. The first one he comes to is empty. The second has two men and two women in it. He tries to open the cell but can't. The third cell he looks in the small window and sees someone looking back at him. It's Derrick and they are glad to see him and their stuff. They use the key cards to open the cell door on the previous cell and the other cell that has two people in it. All of the rest are empty and the majority of the people that were brought over with them are nowhere to be found. They had to the door marked "pantry" and try to find the door. They do and all head down to the tunnel. After running for a few minutes, they hear an alarm going off. Four black suited men jump down and start chasing and shooting at them. One of the men is shot and killed. His wife is inconsolable, but Amelia tells her that the man is gone and it is too late. They realize that their only option is to fight it out. They do and, after sustaining some serious wounds, they succeed. During the fight, two more men had come down. Stella had taken the non-fighters further up the tunnel to try to get them out of the cross-fire. After winning the fight, they take the 4 guns, taser, and baton that the men were carrying. They also take their clothes. Just as they are about to leave, the man that had helped William escape comes down. He tells them that they have to leave quickly and that a new test had been developed that can tell elves from humans so to be careful. They knock him out and take his clothes to the FLE doesn't suspect him. They also take the dead Elf just in case the FLE could do the test on him.

They join up with Stella and the others and leave the tunnel. They are near one of the hospitals. They steal a nursing home van and head towards Derrick's garage. They discover that it is being watched, so they go around back to a nearby alley that happens to have an entrance to the tunnel that runs under the garage. They go inside and get cleaned up. They need to ditch the van and get the others to safety. Stella and Derrick both know of a ship at the docks that is usually willing to take cargo away from the city, no questions asked. Derrick calls Vinnie and asks him to come over with the promise of payment. Vinnie grudgingly comes over. He is going to drive the van with the other Elves (and Stella) over to the docks.

After he leaves, Derrick, William, Juliana, and Amelia hail a taxi from the nearby park and head over to The Lydia Motel. It's a motel with a not-great reputation, no security cameras, and is cash-only. They get a room with two beds and a cot and spend the rest of the night there. 



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